The Halloween event: “HallowFest” is live and we needed to get a patch out to fix a few major bugs. Some new content is added as well.


• Armor system added

• When you harvest any harvestable item GUI feedback now lets you know how much was harvested
• You can now remove the campfire from the cooking menu

• Tropical Islands added (halfway finished next update seals it up)

• Hallowfest event is LIVE, (Unlock monster masks by defeating nighttime enemies)
• Equipment such as tools, weapons and armor now have an indicator showing it’s equipped
• Almost every major map has a title upon entering the map now


• Pumpkinhead enemy projectiles fixed
• All enemies that fire projectiles now stop when player has left the vicinity of the enemy
• Dark Knight Dark Blast attack fixed
• Airship Pirate class, shotgun fixes
• Bread timer fixed
• Airship Pirate class, gun no longer fires multiple bullets when firing

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