Update 1.1.2 Released


• Druid Magic upgraded (New sounds, and effects for all elements)
• Naval Combat added (You can fight water serpents)
• Ship Deck/Cabin added (You can go to your ship deck and cabin from overworld map by going to Travel menu)
• Color pallet system added so enemies can switch colors on the fly
• Cooking sound effect added to campfire/stove cooking
• Major prep for Chapter 2 saga
• Party units now move out of the way when you touch them

GET IT ON STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/873050/Crescent_Hollow/


• Player speed adjusts properly when going to Overworld map and or naval ship, then back again
• Dark Knight Attack speed increased
• Many fixes to the UI, and controls
• Sprint effects adjusted
• Overworld “Ground” map music changed

Due to the world crisis we are in we decided to put the update out ASAP, Chapter 2 (Main Story Quest) Will come in a future update. Make no mistake this games’ current development is going strong!

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