Alpha 1.0.3


• Airship pirate class: boss fight now available
• Artifacts system now in place, you can find out more by defeating the Airship pirate story boss
• Floating Isle 1 cave music added
• Treasure chest sprites changed
• Mac bug fix: Ninja class would freeze after attacking
• Default Enemy Hit Impact sound effect changed
• Blacksmith NPC sprite changed
• Bird flocks added to Sky Town: Cloud City
• Ninja Quest Stage 2 upgraded


Update Alpha 1.0.2



– Airship Pirate Class Fixes for dagger placement and attack effects
– Floating Isle 1 blue cave 2 added/expanded, and prepped for something special! (You will need to get there to see it!)
– Sound Effects added for wolf and Dire Bear
– Forest 1b player spawn position moved to proper location
– Floating Isle blue cave 1: Collider fixes, cave door added
– Some items in Engineer have been disabled for now until they are fully scripted
– Cloud City improvements

This is a short summary of the update, there will be a few more changes and or fixes in this update.
The Alpha DEMO 1.0.2 will be released tonight, Thank you 😉