Update 1.1.3 Released

Be sure to check out our new wallpapers recently added: http://crescenthollowgame.com/wallpapers/


New foods will have to be pushed back to a future update, but you can expect some good changes so far:



• Alchemy crafting and Alchemy shop now have new potions available and new effects
• Improved walk, attack and harvest animations for all 4 playable characters
• Inventory and powers now hooked into a new database so going forward we will be able to balance things very fast


• Main menu now auto adjusts your resolution properly
• Hunger system regen amount given when you eat food now works proper


Update 1.1.2 Released


• Druid Magic upgraded (New sounds, and effects for all elements)
• Naval Combat added (You can fight water serpents)
• Ship Deck/Cabin added (You can go to your ship deck and cabin from overworld map by going to Travel menu)
• Color pallet system added so enemies can switch colors on the fly
• Cooking sound effect added to campfire/stove cooking
• Major prep for Chapter 2 saga
• Party units now move out of the way when you touch them

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• Player speed adjusts properly when going to Overworld map and or naval ship, then back again
• Dark Knight Attack speed increased
• Many fixes to the UI, and controls
• Sprint effects adjusted
• Overworld “Ground” map...


1.1.1B Patch Released

The Halloween event: “HallowFest” is live and we needed to get a patch out to fix a few major bugs. Some new content is added as well.


• Armor system added

• When you harvest any harvestable item GUI feedback now lets you know how much was harvested
• You can now remove the campfire from the cooking menu

• Tropical Islands added (halfway finished next update seals it up)

• Hallowfest event is LIVE, (Unlock monster masks by defeating nighttime enemies)
• Equipment such as tools, weapons and armor now have an indicator showing it’s equipped
• Almost every major map has a title upon entering the map now


• Pumpkinhead enemy projectiles fixed
• All enemies that fire projectiles now stop when player has left the vicinity of the enemy
• Dark ...


Update 1.1.1

Early Access update 1.1.1 contains more much needed improvements and bug fixes. We would’ve liked to have more content in this update but polish takes precedent. Version 1.1.2 should be the mega update with tons of new content, and pushes the main story forward.


• Druid Shape-Shifting added, wolf is the first power for now (Wolf gives a +3 Agility (Movement Speed), and +3 Strength (Damage). You can do a melee attack with the wolf


• Party Units can now be dismissed from the party menu

• Party Units have a new option in the party menu that allows them to follow very close to the player (this is now the default setting)

• Wolf, Bat, and Spider animations have been improved

• Harvesting animations fixes for all classes

• You can now left-click to atta...


EAB Update 1.1b + 1.1c Patch

Crescent Hollow EAB Update 1.1b + 1.1c Patch

We added some important fixes that needed to be addressed immediately:

• Dark Knight Quest stage 4-5 fix
• CO-OP Fixes that ensure all 4 controllers work with each character
• Added a CO-OP notification that lets you know 2 or more controllers are detected
• Some Icons improved
• Fixes to Elderium town collisions, NPC pathing and the barracks
• Dark Knight 2 Guard attack animation fixes