FAQ – Technical Support:

Q. When will the game be out of Early Access? A. By the end of 2018.

Q. What platforms will Crescent Hollow be on? A. Steam(PC, Mac, and Linux), Nintendo Switch.

Q. How much will the game cost? A. $14.99

Q. Will there be a physical copy? A. Yes

Q. Will you be charging for DLC or will it be free updates as long as possible? A. Free DLC updates will be added for a year after final release.

Q. Can I purchase the game soundtrack? A. Absolutely, physical and digital both.

Q. Is there controller support? A. Yes.

Q. What was games inspired you to make Crescent Hollow A. Primarily Secret of Mana, classic FF series, and of course classic Zelda. Our main goal was to make a great RPG with real time combat, build mode, siege, and a great story all combined really well. Crescent Hollow starts off 2D then turns 3D in future sequels/spinoffs. Very little feature creep, we planned all these features since 2015.

FAQ – In Game:

Q. How many hours of gameplay for each class intro story? A. 2-3 Hours, then you get to the Chapter 2 sequence, which will take many hours to complete.
Q. How does building and siege work? A. Once you get to the Chapter 2 sequence you will be able to get involved in both, the game will show you the way.
Q. What is the current level cap? A. The level cap is currently 50.
Q. How many people can play local CO-OP? A. 2 for now, we will try to get 4 eventually.
Q. How does the command scroll system work? A. You obtain command scrolls from the Elderium Barracks, then once you kill a “certain enemy” they will be commanded and can then be summoned at the barracks. Only special enemies can be commanded.

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