Update 1.1.4 Released + Remote Play Together


Prologues for all 4 classes are now complete, which allows the player to advance to chapter 2 and meet up for the grand adventure (Main Quest)
• Remote Play Together feature added to the new multiplayer menu to make it easier to play with your friends, and local COOP!
• Build Mode system completely revamped, many objects can be customized to your personal theme/skin, castle wall doors now added, plot size increased, and much more refer to gifs to see details

  • Brand new food added (Banana bread, banana pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, raspberry pie)
  • Volcanic lands has new enemies, the volcanic castle empire has been started and will be finished in 1.1.5
  • Banana trees, pumpkins and raspberries have been added for harvest
  • Tier 2 potions added to alchemist so you don’t have to make them anymore, tier 3 potions will have to be crafted at the alchemy table
  • New boss fight for the Druid and Ninja prologue added
  • Enemies now drop ammo for Ninja and Airship Pirate’s associated power weapons (Only if you unlocked them)
  • Night-time, dusk and dawn are little less dark now
  • Black slime animations greatly improved
  • Naval Ship docking indicators added near docks
Build Mode – Black Brick Wall Theme
Build Mode – Red/Black Brick Theme
Build Mode – Wooden Wall Theme

Remote Play Together:

Remote Play Together + 50% OFF SALE
Build Mode Castle Wall Doors
Build Plot Size increased
Build Mode themes set for many objects (but not all)
Build Mode – Jukebox
Build Mode Light Themes for Light-posts


We tried hard to make sure this update has as many bug fixes and polish we could do during the holidays. As usual we will continue to prioritize squashing bugs.

• Wolf death animation fixed
• Fixed a bug where the player would level up but it would not make the sound and animation associated with leveling up
• When you spawn the tent or campfire it will now spawn in the direction your facing, instead of down only
• When talking with a NPC they will now face you properly
• When you run too far away from your party units they will now always spawn behind you
• Fixed Druid staff disappearing when attacking up
• Fixed Glorious Gloria’s attack animations a bit
• Much balance added to the weapons damage for all player classes
• Balance to the amount and frequency of wheat grass and fibergrass given when harvesting


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