Update 1.1.5 Released (Bug Fix Patch)


This isn’t a large content update, however it is a bug fix/patch update.

  • Movement speed code has been modified to ensure the characters move at proper speed for all playable characters across all PC builds
  • Dark Knight Intro: Kings hand and Count vane no longer move up and down during dialogue
  • Cloudville npcs and some props no longer disappear when you walk near them
  • You can now access the blacksmith npc again in the Ninja Cave
  • New Game Avatars that were missing for the Druid and ASP were re-added
  • Ninja Swords 6+ now have the proper cost associated with them
  • Airship Battle with birds now has proper collider on airship so you cannot leave the airship in mid air
  • Airship Pirate Enemies now have proper death animation (Pirate enemy #3)

    Be sure to check out UPDATE 1.1.4 NOTES
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