Crescent Hollow Update 1.1.6 Released

This version focuses on many balance issues that needed to be addressed, as well as new powers for the Ninja and melee animations for the Airship Pirate.


  • New powers added for the Ninja: Cloaking, Grapple Hook, and colored rice
  • New and improved melee combat for the Airship Pirate
  • Improved animations for the Red, Blue and Green Slimes
  • Improved combat AI for the enemies
  • Improved the wander mode for enemies
  • Balanced the enemies HP and Damage per level
  • Treasure chests now drop more loot and higher tier loot
  • More treasure chests added throughout the entire map
  • More harvest-able trees and grass added throughout the map
  • 7 new achievements added, making it a total of 23 in game


  • Ninja prologue quest fix for undead samurai attack, party units now counted correctly on spawn
  • Fixed Airship Pirate quest dialogue when fighting Steam Droids
  • Dark Fairy boss no longer drops the portal key
  • Undead samurai no longer drops bug parts

Update 1.1.5 Devlog

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