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Update 1.1.1

Early Access update 1.1.1 contains more much needed improvements and bug fixes. We would’ve liked to have more content in this update but polish takes precedent. Version 1.1.2 should be the mega update with tons of new content, and pushes the main story forward.


• Druid Shape-Shifting added, wolf is the first power for now (Wolf gives a +3 Agility (Movement Speed), and +3 Strength (Damage). You can do a melee attack with the wolf


• Party Units can now be dismissed from the party menu

• Party Units have a new option in the party menu that allows them to follow very close to the player (this is now the default setting)

• Wolf, Bat, and Spider animations have been improved

• Harvesting animations fixes for all classes

• You can now left-click to atta...


EAB Update 1.1b + 1.1c Patch

Crescent Hollow EAB Update 1.1b + 1.1c Patch

We added some important fixes that needed to be addressed immediately:

• Dark Knight Quest stage 4-5 fix
• CO-OP Fixes that ensure all 4 controllers work with each character
• Added a CO-OP notification that lets you know 2 or more controllers are detected
• Some Icons improved
• Fixes to Elderium town collisions, NPC pathing and the barracks
• Dark Knight 2 Guard attack animation fixes