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Crescent Hollow BETA 1.0.9


• 2 Airship Pirate powers fixed: trap, shotgun
• Party Units that you chose now spawn in after reload/respawn
• Goblin animations have been improved
• Bird flock #1 in the CloudVille City animations have been improved
• Dialogue text no longer shows color codes on highlighted text
• Dialogue system revamped, we can now add complex npc conversations much faster going forward
• Party Units can be pushed out of the way much easier now
• Game Title/Menu Music fixes

• More ambient birds and bugs added to several maps
• Bind Point/Respawn point now has sound effects and light effects


BETA 1.0.7 Released, Spring Event: Eggfest

BETA 1.0.7 Released, Spring Event: Eggfest

We added a new seasonal event to the events system: The Spring Eggfest. Go out and find eggs filled with treasure within the forests of Anthropia.

New Features:

• Spring Event: Eggfest
• New spring event adds a new spring only enemy – Mystic Hare
• New spring event adds a new party unit that can be acquired(Next update finalizes it)
• You can now return to character select on the game over screen


• Blue Slime projectiles fixed
• Elderium Forest fixes, Forest 2 fixes


Update BETA 1.0.6 Released

BETA 1.0.6


• Combat hot fixes for enemies that have projectiles
• Combat fixes for how the enemy faces you and party units in battle
• Player death animations/transitions are complete
• Sabertooth lyger party unit now has a sound effect when attacking
• Night time and morning time now have a sound effect associated with them
• Jungle map fixes
• 1 new theme added – black 2