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Prepping for Early Access BETA

Before we can launch the game on Steam Early Access BETA , we need to go through a check list of bug fixes and polish.
Right now we are getting all the powers finalized for all 4 classes. The Druid is almost finished, and the Dark Knight needs some more love to get him all his powers listed. The Dark Knight and Druid intro stories are also almost complete, so things are moving along quite nicely.

Alpha 1.0.5 will drop in a day or two so that build will be used as a DEMO for the game for those who do not want to buy it yet. The game will be $14.99 with NO PAID DLC. All DLC will be free going forward after BETA launch and beyond. More info soon, as we are going to post more prep dev logs.

You can expect to see a ton of polish and features before BETA launches, please stay tuned.


Harvesting system now complete

Harvesting system is now up and running very well, just need to fine tune the harvest animation for each class. The system is fully scalable and allows the developer to choose the type of harvestable to spawn , the amount per map, and they can be set to respawn with a timer..