News about 1.0.5 and beyond!


We wanted to let everyone know that the next Alpha 1.0.5 is underway, and will feature plenty of new content, bug fixes, and polish. We have some amazing art coming in, as well as general polish for older sprites. Fixing up any ugly terrain, NPC’s, or enemies have been top priority before adding tons of new content.

Have no fear the next update will expand the world even further, the quest lines even further (all classes), and harvesting trees, ore, and grass will be finalized as well. Going forward after 1.0.5 we enter the era of harvesting & crafting being set in stone all across the game world of Anthropia. After that we will introduce the Druid and Dark Knight intro stories (both classes are currently playable, but not in the Alpha yet), by 1.0.6 or 1.0.7...


Alpha 1.0.4

ALPHA 1.0.4:
• Armor system now live, to test it we tied it into the Halloween event
• Halloween event system now in place, from now on every year, the game runs a Halloween event from Oct 1st – Nov 11th. The environment changes, Halloween quests, and Halloween items such as masks become available (no quests just yet)
• To test the Halloween masks and armor system, you simply need to kill a werewolf, skeleton, or a pumpkinhead enemy, then it will appear in your armor tab of your inventory (Keep in mind these are nighttime enemies)
• Grassland Encounter now has improved background layers
• Sky Town Cloud City: More NPC’s with dialogue
• Starter towns for each class now act as a safe zone and will give you +8 S...