Devlog Alpha 1.0.3 – 1.0.6



• Map transition fixes
• Save system back end fixes Part 2
• Fixes to the shop system
• Dark Knight Power fixes
• Quest system fixes
• Encounter map fixes


• All 4 classes now playable, as well as intro stories (Still need finished to get to Chapter 2)
• Minimap system now in place
• Harvesting system now in place (Herbs only, ores and tress coming in Alpha 1.0.6)
• Heavy re-coding of save system back end (Part 1)
• New enemies that are tied into character intro story quests
• More treasure chests added to default maps
• 4 new biomes around the world map
• Druid and Dark Knight weapons are set in place for Alpha 1.0.6


• Armor system now live, to test it we tied it into the Halloween event
• Halloween event system now in place, from now on every year, the game runs a Halloween event from Oct 1st – Nov 11th. The environment changes, Halloween quests, and Halloween items such as masks become available (no quests just yet)
• To test the Halloween masks and armor system, you simply need to kill a werewolf, skeleton, or a pumpkinhead enemy, then it will appear in your armor tab of your inventory (Keep in mind these are nighttime enemies)
• Grassland Encounter now has improved background layers
• Sky Town Cloud City: More NPC’s with dialogue
• Starter towns for each class now act as a safe zone and will give you +8 Stamina regen until you leave


• Airship pirate class: boss fight now available
• Artifacts system now in place, you can find out more by defeating the Airship pirate story boss
• Floating Isle 1 cave music added
• Treasure chest sprites changed
• Mac bug fix: Ninja class would freeze after attacking
• Default Enemy Hit Impact sound effect changed
• Blacksmith NPC sprite changed
• Bird flocks added to Sky Town: Cloud City
• Ninja Quest Stage 2 upgraded

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