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Update 1.0.3c

Update BETA 1.0.3c

– Player Speed in overworld maps is now proper
– All possible in game menus are bound to the keyboard now (M for map, I for inventory, C for stat sheet, etc.)
– Player sprint effect now added to all player classes
– Idle effects added for all player classes
– Border fix for forest 1
– Tons of prep work for BETA 1.0.4 which will feature world exploration with naval and airship


BETA 1.0.3b Released

Update BETA 1.0.3b

New features:

• Harvestable grass added (Drops things such as wheat grass and fiber grass for now, sickle is required to harvest grass)
• Overall AI now improved (Some enemies will dodge around while in combat, and roam throughout a map while not in combat)

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

• Night time would not change over to morning while in the over world map, now it does as intended
• Some previously existing maps are now larger
• New resolution in options menu: 1366 x 768 (Good for older laptops)


NEWS: BETA 1.0.4

We wanted everyone to know development is coming along for BETA 1.0.4, we have a huge list of content and improvements:


• Engineer crafting table now available (Create navel ship, airship, upgrade ship, etc.)

• You can create a naval ship from the engineer crafting table (Go to any dock in the “ground overworld map” to activate the naval ship).

• You can create an airship from the engineer crafting table.(Transforms into airship from the ocean after your in naval ship mode)

• You can customize your ships sail from the engineer crafting table. (Changes for both naval and airship)

• New maps/continents (Desert, Jungle, Mesa, Volcanic)
• New enemy AI types and new enemies (Part 2)

Bug Fixes/Improvements:

• Some previously existing maps are now larger (Part 2)...


Update BETA 1.0.3

Update BETA 1.0.3

♦ Now on Linux and Mac
• Brand new main map system (Main map looks nicer & now shows your current location)
• All harvesting tool animations will be running properly for all 4 characters now
• More random combat encounters in many biomes across the Overworld map (The world just got more dangerous!)

• Audio mastering on volume levels for all songs/sfx (no more loud sfx or music)
• 3 new achievements
• Added the ability to sleep at Druids home and Dark Knights throne room
• Fix: Alchemy crafting table GUI fixes
• Fix: Ninja boss fight mechanics have been upgraded/fixed
• Fix: Druid questline stage 4 fix


Update BETA 1.0.2

Latest Version: BETA 1.0.2

• Command scroll system now has visual and audio effects when commanding an enemy

• Mini-maps can now be purchased from the engineer(a minimap will now show if you bought it)

• The goggles of revealing are now purchasable from the engineer

• Mineable ores can now be found throughout various holes and caves in the world

• Fix: Overworld Sky Map transparency issues fixed


Update BETA 1.0.1

Update BETA 1.0.1:

• 4 new achievements added
• Painted Valley Mountains added
• Port town music added
• Fix: Port town 2 map transitions fixed
• Fix: Black slimes now have a 75% chance to drop 1x black slime
• Fix: Crab Trees now have a 75% chance to drop 1x wood
• Fix: Druid melee attack should now function properly
• Change: Cloud City is now known as Cloudville


Crescent Hollow ALPHA 1.0.8



• Shop : Powers for all 4 characters can be unlocked (6 for Ninja, 4 for everyone else, more powers coming with updates)
• Build Mode BETA: Go to grasslands plot east from Dark Knight starter,and south of Druid starter to test the build mode
• Dark Knight quest line (Chapter 1) goes to stage 5 now
• GUI additions: Game now senses whether you have a controller or not and displays proper controller buttons on screen or keyboard keys for power slots, and powers menu
• Dark Knight Guard party unit added for the Dark Knight player class
• Wolf added for the Druid starter/intro story
• Traveling Merchant added to Druid and Dark Knight starters
• Command scroll system now in place
• Fix: The overworld map encounter system spawns less nighttime enemies and less ...


Working hard on Early Access Beta

We wanted to give a quick update that everything is going along and we are working out GUI/Controller kinks, as well as powers and story-line continuations. Just a bump in the road but hopefully the game will be released next week 😉


ALPHA 1.0.7


• Shop : Blacksmith weapon purchase fixes (all classes)
• Stat system upgrade: Exp to next level now displays
• Stat system upgrade: Melee Attack Damage now displays
• Fixes to the launcher