Crescent Hollow ALPHA 1.0.8



• Shop : Powers for all 4 characters can be unlocked (6 for Ninja, 4 for everyone else, more powers coming with updates)
• Build Mode BETA: Go to grasslands plot east from Dark Knight starter,and south of Druid starter to test the build mode
• Dark Knight quest line (Chapter 1) goes to stage 5 now
• GUI additions: Game now senses whether you have a controller or not and displays proper controller buttons on screen or keyboard keys for power slots, and powers menu
• Dark Knight Guard party unit added for the Dark Knight player class
• Wolf added for the Druid starter/intro story
• Traveling Merchant added to Druid and Dark Knight starters
• Command scroll system now in place
• Fix: The overworld map encounter system spawns less nighttime enemies and less normal enemies at night, and should always transition you into the encounter now
• Fix: Party units no longer die around 2 seconds from enemies
• Fix: All player classes powers now slot into the appropriate slot and save and load properly
• Fix: Controller now works with almost every GUI element, but still breaks in some places (Works flawless with combat, movement etc.)
• Fix: Harvesting herbs now tells you to buy a sickle and equip it
• Fix: Some music and sound effects audio levels lowered


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