BETA 1.0.4 NEWS (Part 2)


The Desert enemies are now complete.
Along with the new enemies, comes new enemy types. The new enemy types can fire off 2-3 attacks if need be, and can fire elemental projectiles, and or shoot arrows now. Additionally the attacks will random roll whether it’s melee or elemental. Lastly the damage random rolls as well!

Saber-tooth Lyger has been chosen for the Druid’s official starter Party Unit, (will be replacing the default wolf)

Tents and Camps system reworked (Tent allows you to sleep anywhere there is not an enemy), (Camps regen combined with tent regen allows the player to fully regenerate quite fast now)


• Many map collision fixes
• Custom cursor added in game
• Combat system rework #3
• Tents now cost 500 Gold
• Experience gain is a bit more spaced out after level 10
• Crystal added to mining holes so the player can craft more engineering items
• Dark Knight intro difficulty has been lowered by adding treasure chests that should help ease things a bit
• Dark Knight Lore props added in the (Dark Knight Castle 2)
• Added death animations for enemies that didn’t have one
• Adjustments to player movement speed at very high levels
• After fighting an overworld encounter, when transitioning back to the overworld map, your speed is now properly set

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