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News about BETA 1.0.3

We wanted to give a little news about what’s coming next:

• Brand new main map system (Main map looks nicer & now shows your current location)
• All harvesting tool animations will be running properly for all 4 characters now
• More random combat encounters in many biomes across the Overworld map (The world just got more dangerous!)
• Audio mastering on volume levels for all songs/sfx (no more loud sfx or music)
• More achievements (Not sure how many yet)
• Added the ability to sleep at Druids home and Dark Knights throne room
• Fix: Alchemy crafting table GUI fixes
• Fix: Ninja boss fight mechanics have been upgraded/fixed

There will probably be a couple more entries when it’s released.


Update BETA 1.0.2

Latest Version: BETA 1.0.2

• Command scroll system now has visual and audio effects when commanding an enemy

• Mini-maps can now be purchased from the engineer(a minimap will now show if you bought it)

• The goggles of revealing are now purchasable from the engineer

• Mineable ores can now be found throughout various holes and caves in the world

• Fix: Overworld Sky Map transparency issues fixed


Update BETA 1.0.1

Update BETA 1.0.1:

• 4 new achievements added
• Painted Valley Mountains added
• Port town music added
• Fix: Port town 2 map transitions fixed
• Fix: Black slimes now have a 75% chance to drop 1x black slime
• Fix: Crab Trees now have a 75% chance to drop 1x wood
• Fix: Druid melee attack should now function properly
• Change: Cloud City is now known as Cloudville


Early Access BETA Starts July 10th

We apologize for the delay, we miscalculated how many bumps in the road there might be. I believe it’s safe to say that on July 10th the game will be ready for Early Access. We thank you for your patience and look forward to you helping us forge a great aRPG with your constructive feedback,

Thank You!


Crescent Hollow ALPHA 1.0.8



• Shop : Powers for all 4 characters can be unlocked (6 for Ninja, 4 for everyone else, more powers coming with updates)
• Build Mode BETA: Go to grasslands plot east from Dark Knight starter,and south of Druid starter to test the build mode
• Dark Knight quest line (Chapter 1) goes to stage 5 now
• GUI additions: Game now senses whether you have a controller or not and displays proper controller buttons on screen or keyboard keys for power slots, and powers menu
• Dark Knight Guard party unit added for the Dark Knight player class
• Wolf added for the Druid starter/intro story
• Traveling Merchant added to Druid and Dark Knight starters
• Command scroll system now in place
• Fix: The overworld map encounter system spawns less nighttime enemies and less ...